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The goal of a healthy pregnancy is to deliver full term (39 to 40 weeks) to give your baby the time needed to grow and develop. For example, your baby’s brain and lungs are still developing during the last weeks of pregnancy.

Preterm birth is when a baby arrives too early; that’s before 37 weeks of pregnancy, or 3 weeks prior to the baby’s due date. Preterm birth can be unexpected or unplanned. Sometimes, a baby needs to be delivered earlier than normal in certain medical situations.

Preterm birth can happen to any pregnant woman and, in many cases, healthcare providers don’t fully understand what actually causes preterm birth. But moms who have delivered a baby too early (before 37 weeks) in the past — regardless of the number of weeks early they’ve delivered — are at a higher risk for having another preterm birth.

In the United States, approximately 1 in 10 babies is born prematurely each year. That’s nearly 400,000 babies born too early.

Preterm birth rates vary for different racial and ethnic groups. In 2017, African Americans had a 13.4% preterm birth rate, Native Americans 10.8%, Hispanics 9.2%, Caucasians 8.9% and Asians 8.6%.

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LeMed Specialty Pharmacy has a long history of providing individualized care for patients with complex medication and treatment requirements. We collaborate with your care team to help avoid drug interactions, manage side effects and the complex treatment requirements to maintain good health.

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