Financial Assistance

Specialty medications represent the newest and most up to date therapeutic treatments available to patients diagnosed with complex or chronic disease states. These cutting-edge medications often come with a high financial cost that can create a burden for many patients and their families. LeMed Specialty Pharmacy is committed to removing all barriers to our patients receiving the treatment that they need, including financial ones, and will work tirelessly to help find more affordable treatment options when available.

We help you understand your financial responsibilities

When a patient is first sent to our Pharmacy, our Coordination of Benefits team begins a thorough investigation to help you understand your financial responsibilities, covered amounts through insurance and potential out of pocket costs.

LeMed Specialty Pharmacy’s team will work to reduce the potential out of pocket cost for patients by finding manufacturer patient assistance programs, co-pay cards and 501(c) (3) foundations that might be applicable to their specific medications. Our team works with patients to make them aware of programs that might be available to them, and, will guide them through any necessary application process and paperwork.

Let us help you reduce your out of pocket medication costs.

If you would like to learn more about how we work on your behalf to investing possible available financial assistance programs that might apply to your specialty medications, feel free to contact us today.

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